Wincos and Black Pearl IR, Carbon Ceramic Tint
Onyx HP and Black Pearl HP Metal/Dye Hybrid Tint
Black Pearl Non Reflective Auto Tint
All of our window films come with a National Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty against Bubbling, Peeling, Color Change or Fading!
We Guarantee all our labor in writing, right on the invoice!
ALL films will Provide:
*Cooler Interior *Reduced Glare *Maximum UV Rejection *Enhanced Appearance *Greater Privacy *Increased Safety *Lifetime Warranty *Durable Color Coats
We have 5 Tint-Films to choose from:
Two Nano Particle Carbon Ceramic Films which cause No Signal Interference! Prices range from $350 to $530 before discounts.
Two High Performance Metalized Films for Superior Heat Reduction at an Affordable Price! Full Vehicle Tinting Prices range from $215 to $355 before discounts.
One Color Stable Non Reflective for the Budget minded! Full Vehicle Tinting Prices range from $180 to $210 before discounts.

Secure purchases can now be made on our website from our Vehicle Film Types Offered Page or custom payments received by following a link at the bottom of every page in the footer!


Vehicle Tinting


Our Performance Automotive Window Films have been specifically designed to give you up to 99.9% UV protection, 66% heat rejection and 95% glare reduction. We even have a special technology film that doesn’t interfere with other radio frequency technology in your car such as GPS, keyless entry, radar detectors and mobile phones.


All of our films are manufactured and engineered with utmost precision by the world leaders in applied films. The result: products that meet the highest specifications in the world. The quality and consistency of our films is matched only by Dealers like us whom qualify to be licensed dealers and installers of these High end films.

Vehicle Tinting 2


While many films simply look good, our films provide you and your vehicle with unprecedented safeguards against the elements. Not only do they offer 99.9% UV protection, and awesome Heat reduction, You are also protected with each Manufactures Nationwide Lifetime (as long as you own the vehicle) Warranty covering against; bubbling, peeling, cracking, hazing, demetalizing, fading and change of color.

Valued Auto Tint Customers

During the COVID-19 outbreak, we want to ensure you that NONE of our employees are sick, nor showing any signs or symptoms of the virus!  As a small business, we value each of you and your patronage.We will remain open during this time by appointment only, with drop off and pick up of your vehicle only, as our lobby is closed off and there is no waiting while we service your vehicle. We request only 1 person at our counter area at a time and please maintain proper safe distance while conducting your transaction.

We want you to be confident that we are taking extra precautions to ensure that our facility is clean and sanitized multiple times throughout the day. Besides, wiping down all surfaces with Disinfecting wipes, we also use hand sanitizer after each transaction, and wash our hands thoroughly throughout the day, in addition to wearing face shields, and latex gloves when conducting transactions. We are also going to spray your car keys off with an antibacterial spray, when you give them to us. We will also disinfect any part of your car that our employees come in contact with (Door handles, window switches, steering wheel, seats, etc.), before and after we work on it. We will also use an ozone sanitizer inside your vehicle before and after we install the window tinting. We request that you remove all personal items from the vehicle prior to bringing it to the shop.

We also ask that if you or anyone in your household are sick please reschedule your appointment, for the safety of our employees and your fellow customers.  We will gladly get you back into the schedule when you are feeling better.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.