Made In The Shade Inc. is committed to providing the Best Quality Residential/Commercial Window Films at the Best Price, and Reflective-Non Reflective Metalized Tint-Film fit the budget. Our diversified flat glass lines offer great looks, efficient installation and outstanding performance features at a very affordable rate, with a quick energy payback!

  • Modern, up-to-date colors and shades
  • Superior optical clarity
  • Many of the Shades are Available in Safety and Security Films!
  • Exclusive water-activated adhesive (DSA)
  • All metal, fade resistant construction
  • Exclusive manufacturer’s Residential Lifetime Warranty’s and 5-15 year Commercial Warranty’s
  • If you want a nice Neutral Charcoal look or a heavy reflective Silver or Bronze look or a Non Reflective look we have you Covered at Made in The Shade Inc!
  • Before there were Spectral Select, Ceramic, and Dual Reflective Films, there were Neutrals and if we go back to the beginning, Good Old Reflective! Silver was first and is still one of the best heat reductions, but Bronze or Copper films are very close and Bronze matches well with Arizona Colors! Both can stop up to 81% of the Suns Energy!
  • Neutrals are perfect for a light touch on Dual pane or a dark Low Reflective Dark look on Single Pane!

Reflective-Non Reflective Metalized Tint-Film from Made In The Shade Where YOU are the COOLEST!


Neutral Reflectives

Neutral elegant Grey or “Charcoal” Appearance

To look thru the film is not dark or shiny and changes view little.

Available in Smoke or Charcoal look

Great solar heat and UV rejection

Lighter than 35% Visible Light Transmission is Dual Pane Safe, All Shades are safe for Single Pane.

Fade and corrosion resistant

Superior optical clarity

Usually a Lifetime warranty on Homes and 10-15 year on Offices!


Reflective Series

Best solar performance in its class

Fade and corrosion resistant

Availible in Bronze (Copper look), Amber (Gold Look) and Silver

Greater longevity, and Strong $ Payback

Almost always Dual Pane and Single Pane Safe!

Usually a Lifetime warranty on Homes and 10-12 year on Offices!

Least Expensive, Most Durable!


Non Reflective Metalized and Non Metalized

Excellent solar performance Metal or Metal Dye construction with color stable coatings that give a nice neutral look, but not always safe for Dual Pane always on single pane, it can have Great Heat reduction on single pane. The darker it is the better the privacy.

Comes in Many colors and depths of darkness and reflectivity

Warranty will vary widely from 3 – 10 years Residentially and Commercially

Great value Great Look!