Our safety and security films are a tough, durable, tear-and-penetration resistant shield (2 to 20ml thick!) that bonds to the surface of your windows for protection.

The film helps hold the glass together to dramatically reduce the chance of glass shards falling or flying out, even under direct forces such as; Bomb Blast, Winds, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, or impacts from flying objects or heavy devices used for Breaking and Entering. There are also films available to protect your exterior Glass against Graffiti by paint or etching! Graffiti film is also available in various thickness’ from 4 to 8ml Clear. There are also many choices available in, sun control exterior Outside Weatherable Films with 3-5 year warranties!

Ordinary window films are easier to tear, but due to our variety of Manufactures and the variety of thickness, Safety and Security films are available in, we can find the right protection level of incredibly strong and penetration-resistant film to meet your needs. Film that has been tested and proven across the World. Many of these films are also available in a Sun Control Version to help reduce your Energy Cost, Cut Glare and further help reduce Fading! We can apply different thickness; to both inside and outside surfaces and Attach the film edges on one or both sides of the glass, to the frame for different degrees of protection, depending on the threat and your specific perceived need!

Say No to Forced Entry and The Dangers of Broken Glass

A little bit of money can go a long ways towards Securing your building or protecting your Loved ones against the dangers of broken glass and perhaps a dangerous criminal! Check out the Video Demo’s below!


If the Threat is a Bomb or Terrorism we have systems!

Results of bomb blast testing indicates that Safety and Security Window film can help significantly reduce injuries caused by flying glass in explosions. During testing, various Window Film systems are subjected to blasts equivalent to 500 pounds of TNT. They must meet the GSA “very high” or “high” protection criteria to be qualified for GSA Level C or D buildings. Made In The Shade Inc is Certified and experienced in installing attachment systems that not only hold the glass together, but keeps it in the frame, even during Bomb Blasts, Hurricanes, Earthquakes and Attempted Burglary Entry. Go to our ULTRA FLEX page for more information about wet glaze attachment systems for a higher level of Protection!

Manufactures typically offer a 10-15 year Warranty for Commercial buildings and Limited Lifetime Warranty’s on Residential Buildings, for Safety and Security Window Films

ALL Manufacturers’ Warranties provide the most comprehensive limited warranty coverage in the industry. In the event that Film is found to be defective within the limited warranty period, the film will be replaced at no charge to the customer. This includes the labor cost of removal and reapplication free of charge. Manufacturer’s warranty’s also have a 2-5 year Glass Breakage warranty and 24 to 60 month Seal Failure Warranty for your dual pane units! Should the glass break or the seal fail due to the film, we will replace the glass (maximum $500 per window) and the film (Free). In addition, the Warranty allows the use of ammonia cleaning agents and other normal cleaning methods for easy worry free care.