Commercial Tinting means any type of business building whether it is an; Office, Apartment complex, Strip Malls, Storefronts, Multi floor Commercial buildings, Industrial Parks, Medical Plaza, Government facility etc. If it is a Home or personal residence You will want to visit the Residential Tint-Film Page This page will give you more than adequate information about Commercial Tinting and combined with the additional Building film type pages (links in menu and at bottom of this page) and our Blog, You will know more than most of my competitors! We are never further than a 1/4 mile from a Residential or Commercial tinting we have installed! We take pride that we Have served the Valley with Integrity since 1980! As a Registered Contractor we have ZERO unresolved issues and the References and Credentials to prove our worth! You can always click the Contact Us page or go to the Home Office Estimate Page for a Free Commercial Tinting Estimate! You may also Call 480-9859293 for more information to schedule an in home consult! We look forward to Serving You here at Made In The Shade,

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Reduce Energy Cost by 10 to 50% While increasing Your Comfort and reducing wear and tear on Heating and Cooling Units! Made In The Shade Inc. has a complete selection of films that vary in color, shade and heat rejection to ensure there’s one to accurately match your needs. You can save a substantial amount of money by using the right Solar Control product on your structure. Window Film is the most efficient thing you can do to improve the performance of your glass and provides the fastest pay back! It is the most solid investment you can make to improve your home. Your payback will range from 1-7 years and then you start making money on the investment as long as you are in the Home, and it loses no value when you sell it! Now let’s consider that it increases you and your family’s comfort by reducing heat discomfort and imbalances, it Reduces visual Glare and protects people’s Skin and Items in the building from Harmful UV Rays and other damaging Energy! All of this for as Long as You stay in the Home! Made In The Shade Inc. offers a Written Labor Guarantee! That’s Right! On EVERYTHING We Do! Our Clean and Friendly Installers, while working in your home, take great care to respect you and your home. They will protect your belongings during installation, whether it is using booties to protect your carpet, drop cloths to protect your furnishings and flooring, or absorbent surgical towels to protect your window sills; our installers treat your home as if it were their own! We’ll work around your schedule to do whatever it takes to complete the job. Each Installer benefits from the most Advanced training and modern tools to aid him in providing you with the Quality installation you deserve, Guaranteed, in WRITING! We use Window Films that are Warranted by the Manufactures for, Lifetime Residentially and 5 to 15 years Commercially; Guaranteeing you a payback for the life of the Product! ALL the Films we use have a Manufacturers’ Warranty that will provide the most comprehensive limited warranty coverage in the industry. In the event that Film is found to be defective within the limited warranty period, the film will be replaced at no charge to the customer. This includes; the labor cost of removal and reapplication! Manufacturer’s warranty’s also have, 2-5 year Thermal Breakage coverage and a 24 to 60 month Seal Failure Warranty for your dual pane units! Should the glass break or the seal fail due to the film, we will replace the glass (maximum $500 per window) and the film (Free). In addition, the Warranty allows the use of ammonia cleaning agents and other normal cleaning methods for easy worry free care. Window Film will help Manage All forms of Energy from the Sun! Film’s have different ways of providing heat reduction. Some are dark and reflective (Neutral, Reflective and Dual Reflective Films) so they remove a large portion of light, but they may not remove enough of the Infrared (NIR). Other films (Spectral Select Films like Madico Advanced Ceramic , VKool and Suntek Ultra Vision) Stop 82 -98% of the Infrared so they can allow in more Visible Light but still have as good or better Heat Reduction than darker more reflective films. You can achieve Heat Reduction, Fade Reduction and Glare Reduction to meets your needs with varying depths of Darkness and exterior reflectivitys!



The figure at the right shows the contribution of Heat of Different types of Solar Energy, which is divided into three regions: Ultraviolet, Visible and Infrared. This IR range is also referred as Near Infrared. A film can be chosen to reduce any Specific Spectrum of Solar Energy! Heat produced by the Sun’s rays, which pass through a glazing system, are called Solar Heat Gain (SHG). It has two components: directly transmitted solar radiation and absorbed solar radiation. In order to understand the total amount of heat that may pass through a Window, one must understand the energy that each spectral region (UV, VIS and NIR) contributes to the SHG in the Solar Spectrum.Total heat control performance comparisons between glazing systems can be done using the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). The US Department of Energy, Energy Star, International Code Council, and the National Fenestration Rating Council require the use of the SHGC. The SHGC provides the consumer with a tool to compare the total heat gain of different glazing systems. The lower the number (less heat gain), the better the solar control performance. The SHGC includes the contribution of the UV, VIS and IR spectral regions and can be used to determine the solar control performance over the complete Solar Spectrum


With Window Films You can Protect Your Furniture, Flooring, Artwork, Window Coverings and more against the Sun’s Damaging Rays, which Cause Fading. You can also be Protecting You and Your Family’s Skin from Cancer and other Skin Diseases! Nothing Helps Reduce Fading better than window film for Glazed Units! By stopping almost all the Ultra Violet Rays (99%) Window Film will take out the biggest portion of the Fade Problem, and by choosing the right film darkness and Heat Reduction for your needs you can Lengthen the life of your belongings!



ULTRAVIOLET (U.V.) LIGHT: This is generally considered to be the most harmful portion of sunlight. The ultraviolet rays contribute to approximately 40% of the fading process. Most Window Films will remove 99.9% of U Rays!VISIBLE LIGHT: Intense visible light is a considerable source of fading contributing to approximately 25% of the fading process. With Film, you can manage the light to any degree You Want!SOLAR HEAT: Furniture and fabrics that are hot to the touch are being damaged by solar heat which is responsible for 25% of the fading problem. The more heat absorbed by the fabric, the greater the damage. With Film, You can Remove 20 to 80% of the Heat!!!OTHER: An additional 10% can be attributed to miscellaneous effects such as: indoor artificial lighting, humidity, heat and poor dye anchorage.Window Film is the single best thing you can do for your windows to protect everything in your home from Sun Damage!


Most Window Films will Help Protect against Theft, Crime, Explosions and Earthquake. For stronger Films and Maximum Protection, You may want to check out our Safety and Security Film page. Read More

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