The flexible window system designed to unyielding safety standards.

The AMAZING NEW Nano Technology of Advanced Ceramic is combined with all the benefits you expect from traditional window films!
There are several shades to chose from and several manufactures! Ceramic films are great because they have a High Definition Clarity and from the either side, visually, it is hard to tell it is on the window! This is a great film for H.O.A. restrictions and for those who want the light but not the heat!

ULTRA FLEX WET GLAZE Window System Features

  • Flexibility The combination of film elongation and sealant stretch allows system to capture and return energy like a shock absorber
  • Easy to Use: No drilling, tapping or running drill holes into the frame.
  • Appealing: No unsightly massive metal battens to add to the frame.
  • Easy to Install: Can be installed at the time film is applied by a skilled installer.
  • Appearance: When installed correctly, Wet Glaze Window Systems will replace window gasket and blend with the frame system to look similar to the gasket it replaces.
  • Strong: Bonds extremely well to many different surfaces.
  • Tough: Offers more overall strength than a tape system and more flexibility than batten systems.


Form: Normally supplied as a disposable plastic cartridge that fits normal caulking guns.
Color: Black
Applicable Standards:

  1. Federal Specification TT-S-001543A (COM-NBS), Class A for silicone building sealants.
  2. Federal Specification TT-S-00230C (COM-NBS) Class A for one-component building sealants.
  3. ASTM Specification CC-920 Type S, Grade NS, Class 25, Use NT, G and A