ADVANCED CERAMIC TINT-FILM offers a Spectral Select performance that allows in 2 times more light than a Dual Reflective or Reflective film with a low reflective neutral appearance.

ADVANCED CERAMIC TINT-FILM are a less expensive alternative to high end Spetral Select Films like VKool but a little more expensive than Dual Reflective, Reflective and Non Reflective Metalized Tint-Film.

We have two types of ADVANCED CERAMIC TINT-FILM Auto Films to choose from as well!

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Introducing High-Definition Ceramic Window Film!

The AMAZING NEW Nano Technology of Advanced Ceramic Tint-Film is combined with all the benefits you expect from traditional window films!
There are several shades to chose from and several manufactures! Ceramic films are great because they have a High Definition Clarity and from the either side, visually, it is hard to tell it is on the window! This is a great film for H.O.A. restrictions and for those who want the light but not the heat!


  • 99% UV protection – Reduces the fading of your furniture and artwork, while protecting you from harmful rays
  • Superior infrared rejection, so you can have more Visible Light
  • Natural tones, Crystal Clear Views, and Very Low Reflectivity
  • Enhanced shatter resistance for safety
  • Improved energy savings – These films help reflect the summer’s heat, and retain interior warmth in the winter
  • Reduces Annoying Visual Glare
  • Durable, scratch-resistant coating, for worry free maintenance

Ceramic Films have great Manufacture Warranty’s!

Ceramic films are cutting edge technology and have proven to be extremely durable. These films will have a Lifetime Warranty on Homes, when installed by a Certified Professional, Ceramic Films have a 15 year Commercial Warranty! Obviously the film is built to last! If the film ever fails during the warranted period, it is replaced FREE of charge!Give us a call or click below to get the process started and turn your glass into High Definition Ceramic Coated Glass!