It seems amazing that customers are a little taken aback when they call for a quote on tinting their vehicle.  They don’t understand why we would offer different types of tint, instead of  just one, like some of the other places they have called.
Usually, they have started price shopping with someone that offers only one type of tint, and have been told by this person that the product they carry is the best and only one they should use.
This of course is NOT TRUE!!  We believe in choices and proudly offer 5 films within three types of tinting for your vehicle.   Below is a comparison of the types of tint we offer, so you can better understand the differences and judge which one is best for you.

  • Good Heat reduction (Definitely better than nothing!)
  • Non Reflective neutral appearance that matches factory tinted glass well
  • Signal Friendly, including: GPS, satellite radios, cellular phones and tire pressure monitoring systems
  • Provides excellent glare reduction for safe and comfortable driving
Mid Level – Hybrid Metalized (Onyx / Black Pearl High Performance)
  • High performance metalized film improves comfort due to maximum heat and glare reduction
  • Neutral look with slight reflection (hardly noticeable)
  • Brownish Black or Bluish Black in appearance
Top Level – Nano Ceramic (Pronano / Winco)
  • Color stable polyester combined with similar ceramic materials used by NASA
  • Filters out up to 82% to 92%+ InfraRed (the sun’s rays that carry the most heat), providing a high heat rejection as good or better than reflective metal films in much lighter shades
  • Low reflectivity and factory match appearance
  • Corrosion Free unlike metal Spectral Select Films!
  • Signal Friendly, including: GPS, satellite radios, cellular phones and tire pressure monitoring systems                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

             All of Our Professional Grade Films have this in common

  • Blocks 99% of UV rays which Reduces fading of vehicle’s interior
  • Helps hold shattered glass together in the event of an accident
  • Outstanding scratch resistant coating for maintenance free operation
  • Warranted against fading, discoloration (color change), peeling, adhesive failure, cracking, delamination, oxidation and corrosion as long as you own your vehicle
  • Each type of tinting above comes in various degrees of darkness from legal to Limo (70% to 4% Visible Light Transmission)! 
We keep all of these products in stock and are always ready to install any of them once you have made your decision. Our showroom sample boards and product displays will help you to chose the best film for you and your vehicle so…

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