Lets face it we live in the Valley of the Sun where the summer temperatures can be brutal. Because we can’t stay inside all summer, and because we all spend a great deal of time in our autos, it is important to understand what window film can do for your auto. 
Window film in your car or truck not only helps to keep you cooler, it also helps preserve the interior and protect you from harmful UV rays (stops 99 %+). 

Your auto is not only a means of transportation, for many of us it is also an expression of who we are and a large financial investment worthy of protection! You do your research, and choose your auto carefully, shopping around not only for the best price, but the best all around buying experience. 
Why wouldn’t you do the same with your auto film dealer? Purchasing an auto is an investment, it is not an impulse purchase, and your window tinting investment should not be an impulse purchase either! The valley is littered with dealers that offer automotive window film, however, not all dealers are created equally! Many offer great deals and quality products, but is that what you are really getting? How do they back up their claims? 
Made In The Shade Inc.

  • is Family owned and operated and has been serving the valley with Quality and Integrity since 1980! Owned by the Ewings Since 1998 and a Ewing has been with the Company since 1992!
  • The President/CEO David Ewing has worked with many companies in the research and development of their films for over 20 years and was an Advanced Certified Trainer for 3M for over 12 years.
  • Our installers are factory certified and have 26, 11, and 5 years experience.
  • All installations include a seamless 1 piece backglass, and comply with AZ law. All installations are done in our air conditioned, clean, controlled environment facility ( Newly remodeled too).
  • We are Skilled and equipped to cut using Computer cut or hand cut methods!
  • We are the only dealer in the valley that offers a Written Labor Guarantee on everything we do!
  • We also have an optional Scratch and Tear insurance policy on your vehicle, that protects you against unexpected cost due to damaged film no matter the cause.
  • WE FIX THE $99.00 TINT JOB! We only do Quality installations, and if it is wrong it will be fixed!

Made In The Shade Is one of thee Oldest dealers in the valley! 
What Makes a Dealer stay in business this Long? Why are we so special you ask?

  • We are Professionals – Only companies that provide excellent service and quality are this durable and last!
  • Thouroughly Trained – Our Installers are required to be retrained or trained by David Ewing and approved by the Manufactures we use.
  • Quality Service – We are well qualified to assist consumers in assessing unique situations and in developing window film options which best meet an individual’s needs.
  • Quality Workmanship – We have the training and experience and Pride to provide the highest quality installation available in our industry.

Our Choice of films available for your auto:

  • Black Pearl NR Unique design gives the greatest color longevity of any non-metal film offering a no fade and color change warranty. Special coloration allows to accent the look of the vehicle not change it. Best protection achievable in non-metal films.
  • Black Pearl High Performance – This film is basically the Black Pearl NR with metal. The appearance is almost identical but the heat reduction is substantially increased.
  • Onyx High Performance – Unique metal alloy bonded to special dyed layer. It is our best Metalized fil;m with Higher heat rejection capabilities and is impervious to fading. The sputtered metal/dye construction means greater color stability than conventional dyed films and like it’s name it is a nice black look!
  • Pronano Carbon Ceramic – STATE OF THE ART AUTOMOTIVE FILM. Proprietary non-metalized, non-conductive ceramic technology film, with maximum UV rejection. Excellent optical clarity and blockage of infrared rays. No electronic interference! Non reflective appearance.
  • Winco Nano Particle Film – Premium cars require matching performance from their windows. Wincos “Window Cosmetics” Automotive films pair natural beauty with sound scientific research for the ultimate in window film style and performance. Achieve high heat rejection without the look of dark, tinted windows with Wincos Automotive Films. Because the color is from nano particles of carbon and ceramic it can’t 
    fade or change color. It will i

    mprove personal safety by blocking 99%+ of Harmful and Damaging UV rays this Reduces fading of Your vehicle’s interior. The IR rejection is a Phenomenal 92%+! This film blocks more heat than Most LIMO TINTS and in lighter shades! 

All of our Automotive films are sold with a lifetime warranty by the manufacturer against; cracking, crazing, dematallizing, delaminating or fading and color change. We also offer a Scratch and Tear Insurance policy to cover damage to film on the vehicle for as long as you own it for as little as $20!
For the life of your auto, enjoy peace of mind with Made In The Shade. Go ahead and equip your vehicle with all the optional and add-on features you want. But remember to choose wisely the product and dealer that insures the luxury of comfort and protection from the sun’s harmful rays. 
If you truly value your investment in your vehicle, as well as the safety, health, and comfort of you and your family, Made In The Shade is not an option, We are a must!
Chose an established dealer and an established Film!

Made In The Shade Inc. 
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