Shutters are often considered the “Ultimate Window Covering”.  Being one of the most versatile window coverings available, it is easy to customize your shutter look and add distinction to any room, whether traditional or contemporary.  Popular for their effective insulation, ability to regulate and block light, along with their good looks, shutters add a great resale value to any home.

Shutters are not something you just run out and purchase, they are an investment made to add value to your home.   Like any investment researching and educating yourself about the product is important.

Shutters are available in several levels of construction and finish quality, and understanding these differences is crucial to your purchasing decision.  The right quality shutter will last for decades, avoid a costly mistake by purchasing exactly what you want in a shutter as they will be there for a long time.  It is important to work with certified professionals when designing your shutters.

Some things to consider when choosing the correct shutter are:

  •  The size of the shutter louver – to decide which is best you need to take into account the look you want to achieve, the depth of the window, the view, and the architecture and design of your home.  The wider the louver, the wider the “site-line” and more “depth to glass” is needed.
  • The type of finish you want – shutters can be painted to custom match your trim and molding or to contrast them.  You can also choose to have the shutters stained to match your floors, furniture or cabinetry.
  • The material your shutters will be made of – Basswood shutters provide the timeless beauty of real wood, including the unique character of grain, burls, and tiger striping.  Polysatin shutters combine durability, functionality, and practicality to withstand extreme conditions such as high humidity, heat and cold.  Hybrid shutters mix the beauty of real wood and man-made materials to provide a top-quality product at a value price.
  • The type of installation you prefer – outside the window with a “custom” framed look or inside the window to showcase your existing moldings, which way the panels will open and how many panels you want to see, how the louvers will open – standard tilt bar or hidden tilt bar, and the hardware finish – do you want the hinges to contrast with the panels, match your existing door or window hardware, or disappear with a matching color?
  • Shutters are actually considered permanent and therefore hold value and because of this can be added to home loans!

Made In The Shade, Inc looks forward to assisting you with your custom shutter creation.

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