The Valley is saturated with Film Company’s that don’t deserve to be in business! 
Many are not listed here, they don’t have a site or they don’t know how to list their business! 

Here are some of the Dozen’s of coverings company’s! I know for a fact, many are not in business any more!


Blinds Chalet (15)

We were transferred from Texas to Virginia and bought a brand new Townhome


20 km
10 mi

There are literally hundreds of Window tinting places in the area that want to tint your Vehicle:
Guys who tint in shacks;  Guys who tint behind a car wash;  Car stereo and Glass guys who call a mobile tinter in as they pretend that they are doing your car; Craig’s list tinter’s; Tinter’s installing at Swap meets and Flea Markets; Installers that will come do your car right out in the hot sun and blowing dust; Installers that opened for the summer and then are gone!
There are Hundreds that say they want to, and are qualified to Tint/Film your Building: 
Auto RV tinter’s that pretend to be Residential/Commercial Window Film Contract installers; Designers claiming to be a Film Dealer; Glass Company’s claiming to be a Film Dealer; Moonlighting Installers Pretending to be a Business Owner; General Contractors charging a premium for a real Film Contractor to do the work!
Most do not have a R.O.C license, and or have no Business insurance to protect you from Liabilities! Many are just the Middle Man!
Many of the places that sell Window Coverings are not legitimate Dealer/Installers, it may be:  A Designer, Architect or Contractor who uses a Sub Contractor; A Window Film Company working as an Agent for a real Covering place; A Moonlighting Installer stealing Business from his Employer!
These are all similar shananagens, and You the customer pay the price either monetarily or with shoddy workmanship!

What separates us from the numerous yahoo’s and typical dealers?

  • First and Foremost We are a premium dealer, offering Outstanding Service with a Greatly Diversified Offering of Quality Products. We have been serving customers with Integrity since 1980!
  • We are Dealer Installers of Window Film, Security Films, Decorative and Graphic Film, Window Coverings, Blinds, Shutters, Sun Screens and Roller Screens so that we can Honestly, Fully and Correctly solve your problem! 
  • We have Efficient Time proven Systems in use, for every Facet of our Operation
  • We constantly Look to Improve everything we do
  • We Offer Free Honest, Pertinent Information and can Back it all up with Proof!
  • We are a Family Owned and Operated Business
  • We have Newly remodeled Facilities, which are one of the nicest in the U.S.A.
  • We are a “100% Legal Company”                                                                                                                                                         

What Makes us Unique Among Auto Film Dealers?

Let’s Start with the FACT that we are the best and Oldest Dealer in the Valley! 

  • We chose the best films for you not a Brand!
  • The best heat rejection of any car tinting films.

  • Better warranty on the Film and a Written Labor Guarantee on the Labor
  • MITS inc. Scratch and Tear Insurance Available for as Long As You Own the Vehicle (Unique!)
  • AAA Discounts (Exclusive)
  • Madico Advanced Ceramic Films
  • VKool Spectral Select Films
  • Precision Cut Plotters and Patterns for Designer Graphics
  • Paint Protection Films (LLumar- Clearshield- 3M)
  • A clean (thoroughly) air conditioned shop for the installers comfort, with adequate lighting and the floors, walls and ceiling are white to see better. (Unique)

What Makes us Unique Among Commercial/Residential Film Dealers/Contractors?

  •  A Diversified Selection of Film Brands and our Partnership with Window Film U.S.A., Allows us to meet any film need; We chose the Film to Meet Your needs, not a Brand! (Unique)
  •  The Education of our Staff Starts With David Ewing, whom spent 10 years as a Advanced Certified Trainer for 3M; He has tested and help developed Films for Many Manufactures and still Does! (Unique)
  •  Leslie and David Ewing Are Certified By the International Window Film Association as Solar Control and Security Film Specialist!
  •  The Company is a Member of the I.W.F.A. in Good Standing
  • The Company has a Contractors License and has never had a unresolved Complaint! ROC#196824  (Unique by the rarity)
  • We  Offer a Written Labor Guarantee on all we do! (Unique)
  • All of our Installers are Factory Certified by the manufacture’s that require it!

What Makes us Unique Among Commercial/Residential Window Covering Dealers/Contractors? 

  • We offer fine coverings from Hunter Douglas, Skandia, and Home Decor; Guaranteeing you a diverse selection in product and Price! 
  • We are Certified Master Journeyman Installers with Hunter Douglas 
  •  We are the Dealer! We help you pick out the Product Buy it and Install it!
  • We have a 400 Square Foot Showroom or we can come to you!

Our overall goal is, to help You solve your problems with the Heat coming through your glass! We want to find the best solution and combination of products to do so!

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